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Expanding Trusted Publisher Support

Starting today, PyPI package maintainers can publish via Trusted Publishing from three additional providers:

  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Google Cloud
  • ActiveState

These providers join existing support for publishing from GitHub Actions without long-lived passwords or API tokens, which we announced last year, and bring support for Trusted Publishing to even more hosted providers.

About Trusted Publishing

Trusted Publishing is our term for using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard to exchange short-lived identity tokens between a trusted third-party service and PyPI. This method can be used in automated environments and eliminates the need to use username/password combinations or long-lived, manually generated API tokens to authenticate with PyPI when publishing.

Instead, maintainers can configure PyPI to trust an identity provided by a given OpenID Connect Identity Provider (IdP). This allows allows PyPI to verify and delegate trust to that identity, which is then authorized to request short-lived, tightly-scoped API tokens from PyPI. These API tokens never need to be stored or shared, rotate automatically by expiring quickly, and provide a verifiable link between a published package and its source.

Get started today

To get started with using trusted publishers on PyPI, see our documentation here:


Funding for work implementing Google Cloud and GitLab support was provided by the Google Open Source Security Team, and much of the development work was performed by Trail of Bits, with special thanks to contributors William Woodruff and Facundo Tuesca.

ActiveState support was provided by ActiveState, with special thanks to contributors Carey Hoffman and Pete Garcin.

Dustin Ingram is a maintainer of the Python Package Index.