PyPI hires a Safety & Security Engineer

👋 Hi there! I'm Mike Fiedler (@miketheman) I've been a Python Package Index (PyPI) contributor since early 2021, and became a maintainer in 2022. Now I'm joining the PSF to work on PyPI full-time as the first PyPI Safety & Security Engineer.

What is that, you ask? We had posted about this opening in May, and I'm happy to be joining the team to help improve the safety and security of PyPI.

What does that mean, Mike? As safety and security are pretty broad topics, it boils down to working on any initiatives that we believe will increase the safety and security of the Package Index for all users - end users, package publishers, maintainers, and PyPI moderators and administrators. That's a huge audience!

All of us deserve to have a safe and secure experience when using PyPI, and I'm excited to be able to work on this full-time.

Major thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their role in funding this position, and to the PSF for their continued support of the global Python community.

Mike Fiedler is the inaugural PyPI Safety & Security Engineer since 2023.