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Introducing PyPI Organizations

Today, we are rolling out the first step in our plan to build financial support and long-term sustainability of the Python Packaging Index (PyPI), while simultaneously giving our users one of our most requested features: organization accounts.

Introducing Organizations

Organizations on PyPI are self-managed teams, with their own exclusive branded web addresses. Our goal is to make PyPI easier to use for large community projects, organizations, or companies who manage multiple sub-teams and multiple packages. We’re making organizations available to community projects for free, forever, and to corporate projects for a small fee. Additional priority support agreements will be available to all paid subscribers, and all revenue will go right back into PyPI to continue building better support and infrastructure for all our users.

Increasing sustainability and support

In the last year PyPI served 235.7 billion downloads for the 448,941 projects hosted there. This means that since the previous period, PyPI saw a 57% annual growth in download counts and bandwidth alike. Having more people using and contributing to Python every year is an fantastic problem to have, but it is one we must increase organizational capacity to accommodate.

Increased revenue for PyPI allows it to become a staffed platform that can respond to support requests and attend to issues in a timeframe that is significantly faster than what our excellent (but thinly spread) largely volunteer team could reasonably handle.

Organizations are opt-in

We want to be very clear—these new features are completely optional. If features for larger projects don't sound like something that would be useful to you as a PyPI maintainer, then there is no obligation to create an organization and absolutely nothing about your PyPI experience will change for you.

A basis for future features

We look forward to discussing what other features PyPI users would like to see tackled next. We know there are lots of ideas out there around safety, security and usability and we’re looking forward to hearing about anything that you think would benefit the community. And in the spirit of open source, we welcome your feedback on what's on offer so far.

Get started today

Both community projects (non-profits, NGO’s, hobbyists, etc) and corporate teams can sign up to request their organization name starting today. Submissions will begin seeing review and approval in the coming weeks, and corporate teams will be able to finalize their signup with billing details in May.


Organization feature development was approved by the Packaging Working Group and funded through the Python Software Foundation's sponsorship program -- thanks to our sponsors for making this work possible.

We especially want to thank Bloomberg for funding our Packaging Project Manager, Shamika Mohanan.

We are also grateful for the many generous PyPI users who shared their perspectives with Shamika, which laid the foundation for these new features.

And thanks as well to our beta testers, including the following ✨new✨ PyPI organizations:

Ee Durbin is the Director of Infrastructure at the Python Software Foundation. They have been contributing to keeping PyPI online, available, and secure since 2013.